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Style B154 - Mens adventurer's shirt

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adventurers figure skating shirt in hunter green
adventurers figure skating shirt in hunter greenadventurers figure skating shirt backadventurers figure skating shirt in brownadventurers figure skating shirt in gold
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NEW! Mens adventurer's skating shirt!  A shirt styled for epic adventure from the jungles to the forests. Painted neckline gives this shirt a feel of the wild. Long sleeves have vented cuffs for added detail. Made of regular weight spandex for easy wearing. Snap crotch. Shirt shown in black spandex with hunter spandex, also available in black with brown, or black with gold. Crystal package as shown is hematite color 20ss crystals along the stripes and painted neckline.

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Search terms: competition, long sleeves, jungle, temple, straps. 

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