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Our customers are important to us! Shopping for a competition ice skating dress or figure skating dress should be a great experience. At Revella Skatewear, we are here to help with your questions and needs. We want your shopping experience to be the best. Revella Skatewear makes quality ice skating dresses, figure skating dresses, designer ice skating dresses, and skatewear affordable, easy, and fun. Your skater is working hard, and deserves the best. Enjoy the convenience of shopping on-line, or call us for friendly assistance.
Our easy-to-use website provides more choices than other skatewear websites, more selection than other skatewear websites, and more flexibility than other skatewear websites. At Revella Skatewear you will have an experience like you won't have anywhere else.
For those who want their ice skating dress to look like it was designed for them, but need it in a hurry, we offer Ice Collection. Customers have a need for convenient, beautifully designed ice skating dresses and Revella Skatewear is here for you!  Designer competition ice skating dresses, figure skating dresses, and skatewear that are ready to ship! This provides outstanding customer service. Our regular customers expect nothing less, and new customers will be delighted to find a skatewear company that keeps it's customers in mind.
Customers have an easy time getting the details they want easily and quickly using our Alterific service. Modify existing styles to suite your needs at your convenience - there is no waiting, everything is a click away. Get the ice skating dresses that you want from the comfort of your own home. Our Alterific service is available on-line 24 hours a day to make your busy schedule easier. It is so simple to make the changes that you want to your next ice skating dress purchase, just add an ice skating dress to your shopping cart, then choose the items you want from Alterific. And remember, new selections are always being added to Alterific, so keep checking back for great ways to customize your next ice skating dress! Make the changes to the competition ice skating dresses, figure skating dresses, practice ice skating dresses, testing ice skating dresses, and skatewear that you want with Alterific.

You want more choices when you shop for ice skating dresses, and you deserve more! At Revella Skatewear, we strive to give you want you want in your ice skating dresses. That is why we have two text boxes in your shopping cart. When you order ice skating dresses from us, tell us what you need for your purchase. Are you looking to let us know what fabrics and colors should be on your ice skating dress? Are you wanting to combine details on your ice skating dresses that you aren't sure about? Do you need more crystals on your ice skating dress than the standard crystal package? Then, tell us all about it, and we will be glad to assist you with our friendly customer service! What customers like the most about Revella Skatewear ice skating dresses is that they get to choose.

Do you feel more comfortable talking to a live person? Then, give us a call, and enjoy our friendly customer service while you shop for your ice skating dresses. We are here to make your shopping experience and enjoyable one. We will help you choose color schemes, color placement, ice skating dress details, crystal volumes and placement, and any other assistance you need.
At Revella Skatewear, we are here for you!

Choose your style. Choose your color. Genuine Revella Skatewear. We offer a wide selection of colors for skater dresses, figure skating dresses, and ice skating dresses. Girls skating dresses in beautiful styles and colors. Let our friendly customer service help you get the competition ice skating dress you want. Customizing options are available through our Alterific page for all of our skater dresses. It's easy to get the figure skater dresses you want! Choose from our selection of sleeve styles and skirt styles on our Alterific page to customize your skater dress. We offer beautiful women's figure skating dresses, and pretty ice skating dresses for girls. Any dress. Any available color. The choice is yours. Revella Skatewear. Choose Revella Skatewear for your next competition ice skate dress.

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