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How do I choose an ice skating dress style to fit my music?
We are here to assist you with style, color, and decoration decisions for all your dresses! Colors can set the mood of the music, such as dark colors for dramatic music, bright colors for energetic music, and soft colors for romantic music. Organic, flowing styles work well with the rich, movie themed music, and geometric, sharp styles work well with bold music pieces. We can make recommendations about how many crystals to have on your dress, and where to best accent a particular dress style with crystals.

Do I really have to spend a lot of money on my young child's skating dresses?
No, simple dresses are great for beginners, and they only need the basics. A single color figure skating dress with a minimum amount of crystals will suffice. At this point in the child's skating experience, they should be having fun, and wearing what they like. There is no need to spend a lot, and it gives the children time to see if they love ice skating before you invest in fancier figure skating dresses.

My child's skating has improved, and I need to improve their figure skating dresses, how do I do that?
When children's skating skills improve, and they go up in level, it's time to get more appropriate ice skating dresses.  Higher level ice skaters need more. This means more details on the ice skating dress, more hand-done details such as applique work, and dyed details. It means more crystals than before, and crystals in more places on the skating dress so as to spread the sparkle all around. This process can be incremented up each time your child improves, no need to do it too quickly.

How do I decide if the ice skating dress fits my child?
Young children are most often better in ice skating dresses with some room for growth. Wrinkles in the ice skating costume are of no consequence at this point. If the child complains of being cold, consider getting an ice skating dress style with long sleeves. Older teens should have figure skating dresses that seem fitted to them. This doesn't always mean custom fitted, but we offer a great custom fitting service, should you need it. We have a large selection of sizes, so it's easy to get a good fit with our standard sizes, and we are happy to assist you with size selection. High level ice skaters almost always wear snug to tight fitting ice skating dresses.

Is there a difference in crystal colors?
Yes, the most sparking of the crystal colors is aurora borealis - often shortened to "AB". This crystal has a prism effect, and appears to reflect colors around it up close, while providing a white flash at a distance. Clear color crystals are clear glass with a silver backing. This makes them sparkly, and gives them a slightly silver flash to the trained eye. Crystal colors that match the fabrics to which they are applied with not sparkle much. This phenomenon is something to try and avoid, or use a brighter crystal color in the mix to improve sparkle. Choose color crystals that are slightly lighter or darker than your fabric for good sparkle and visibility. Extremely dark crystals will only provide a shiny appearance.

Remember, we are here to help, and happy to answer all of your questions!

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