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Commonly Asked Questions

I am just more comfortable speaking to a real person. How can I do this?
Call us at 1-253-756-2088! We will be happy to take care of your skatewear needs.
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I placed my order, but I made a mistake. How can I fix it?
Easy! Just call us at 1-253-756-2088 or e-mail us at We will take care of you!
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Can I really choose any color?
Yes! Any available color fabric can be substituted into any garment. Select "custom" from color drop down box, then choose fabrics and colors from the optional drop-down boxes. Next, leave a note in the text-box with the details as you finalize your order. Let us know where you want each color and fabric to be on your garment. Feel free to leave a separate email or call us with more instructions. Getting the colors you want in the skatewear you need has never been easier! And there is no additional fee! Keep in mind that custom color garments cannot be returned for refund or exchange.
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I want to choose custom colors for my dress, but I need help coordinating them.
Just email or give us a call! We will help you with choosing colors that look good together, and even send you free fabric samples. We may even surprise you with suggestions that you had not thought of!
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How do I know if I need a Custom Fit?
Revella Skatewear offers more standard sizes making it easy for you to find your fit. However, some people may need to customize their fit to feel their best. If your measurements don't seem to fit within one of our many sizes, contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Please visit our on-line Sizing Guide to see how you size up!
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Why do I have to pay all the shipping charges in order to try on my Custom Fit garment?
Our Custom Fit fee is extremely reasonable, and so it does not cover the cost of shipping your garment back and forth to you for fitting. By having customers pay for the shipping charges, we are able to offer genuine custom fitting and make it affordable.
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I just can't decide if I need a Custom Fit.
Order a Practice Wear or Choice Collection item to try on for size! When you are done, simply return it for a refund or credit toward your Custom purchase. Be sure to review our return policy before ordering.
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What is the difference between Custom Fit and Custom Design?
Custom Fit has to do with how the garment fits your body; how it feels when you wear it. Custom Design deals with the appearance of the garment, its style, fabrics and colors.
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How do I get started having Revella Skatewear design a custom skating garment for me?
It is simple! Just visit our Design Center for details about the process. Click on the link "Design" located on the left side of our Home Page. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.
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How do I see images of designs that Revella Skatewear created for other skaters?
Visit our on-line Gallery Page to see some of the endless possibilities for creativity. Just click on the link located on the left side of our Home Page.
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Does Revella Skatewear give samples of fabrics?
Yes! And samples are free! Just contact us with your mailing address, and which fabrics and colors you are interested in.
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What is Alterific?
Alterific is an easy way to customize your order! Commonly requested changes can be found on this page. Just click to add them to your cart. Best of all, you do it yourself!
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If I purchase additional crystals from the Alterific page, how do I know where they will be placed on my garment?
During the check-out process, use the text box to tell us where you want the additional crystals. If we have any questions about your order, we will contact you. If you don't leave us any special instructions, we will add them to the garment in a way that enhances the design of the garment. Feel free to call us if you prefer to speak to a live person.
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I want to change something about the dress I am ordering. How can I do that?
It is simple! Just visit our Alterific page for the most commonly requested changes when placing your order.
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Are crystals going to make my garment really expensive?
Not necessarily. Customers can choose to have only a small amount of crystals applied to a garment - as little as $5.00. Contact us for more information.
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Do I have to buy the standard crystal package shown?
Customers can purchase any item without crystals, they can request simple crystal arrangements by phone, or they can purchase the Design Center servies for more complex crystal arrangements. Additionally, Alterific offers an easy way to add more crystals to the purchase of the standard crystal package.
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I am confused by the OPTIONAL choices listed under the standard colors, size, and crystals package options shown with each item.
Optional choices for fabrics and colors are only needed if you want to choose a color or fabric other than what is standardly offered for the garment you are ordering. If you are choosing a standard color, you can ignore these other choices.
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