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Custom Fit Garments Policy


Revella Skatewear offers a uniquely large selection of standard sizes, but you may find that you still need your purchase to be Custom Fit in order to look and feel your best. The cost of this service is $30.00 per garment. We use the measurements provided by you, and we will assume that those measurements are accurate. However, we will review your measurements, and if we feel that one or more is not relative to your other measurements, we may at our discretion, contact you to take the measurement again.  Be sure to tell us how you would like the garment to fit. EACH TIME you order, you will have to select Custom Fit and pay the fee.

If you provide inaccurate measurements, Revella Skatewear will not be held liable for your dissatisfaction with the Custom Fit. In such a case, you will have to pay all fees for alterations to be made to the garment(s).

You have a period of two weeks from delivery to request free alterations to the fit of a Custom Fit garment(s). You have 30 days from date of delivery to return Custom Fit garment(s) to Revella Skatewear for free alterations. Free alterations are, for example, changes to the garment when you wanted a tight fit, but it is not tight enough. Alterations are determined to be free of charge by Revella Skatewear, and our decision is final. However, you may request to pay for any alterations at any time in future to a garment(s) that does not have crystals or decorations on it.

You will pay ALL shipping charges incurred for all alterations. You must provide accurate and detailed written information about the alterations requested by you. Revella Skatewear will alter the garment(s) according to your specifications. By paying for all shipping charges, you help us to keep our Custom Fit Fee at an incredibly low price.

If after alterations have been made, and the fit of your custom fit garment is still not to your satisfaction , you may contact us, and request to send your garment in for free alterations again. Free alterations requests for reasons such as growth, weight loss or gain, or change of style will be denied. Requests for alterations after the customer has added crystals or other decorations to the garment(s) may be denied based on each case. If the crystals or decorations interfere with our ability to alter the garment(s), we will deny the request for alterations. 

Production/lead times vary depending on the current volume of orders. Expect to wait a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks for your garment to be made. Shipping time in transit is not included.

Partial Custom fits

Partial custom fitting is considered to be a minor alteration, and does not come with free adjustments. The garment cannot be returned for refund or exchange. Any requested adjustments to the garment will be paid by you, and the cost of those adjustments will be determined at the time of your request. Customers pay for all shipping charges.

Thank you for choosing Revella Skatewear!

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