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Care and Cleaning

Ice skating dresses and shirts should be hand washed in cold water. Most regular detergents are acceptable. Do not use stain removers or specifically labeled stain removing detergents. Liquid fabric softeners can be used. Do not scrub, wring, or twist the fabrics as this can cause permanent damage. Do not allow ice skating dresses or shirts to soak. Do not leave figure skating dresses unattended in water, and watch for possible bleeding of dye. If bleeding occurs, move the garment away from the dye in the water, rinse carefully, and remove the garment from the water. Permanent staining can occur when dye bleeds into the water. High contrast ice skating dresses or ice skating shirts are always at risk for stains from dye bleeding into the water.

Garments can be towel rolled to remove excess water. Always use white towels or towels that no longer bleed dye. Do not wring or twist garments to remove excess water as this can cause permanent damage. Lay ice skating dresses and shirts flat to dry. Never hang dry an ice skating dress. This can cause permanent damage to the shoulders and neckline from the weight of the wet garment pulling on the hanger. As with all garments, it is important to dry them within 24 hours to prevent mildew on the fabric. Do not use hair dryers or heated fans to dry ice skating dresses. Do not dry ice skating dresses or ice skating shirts in the dryer as this may cause them to shrink. Never put decorated ice skating dresses or shirts in the dryer because the crystals can break.

General Care
Long term storage of ice skating dresses and ice skating shirts should have them laying flat in the dark at room temperature. Exposure to regular sunlight from a window can cause fading. Ice skating dresses should not be hung to store them due to permanent damage on the shoulders and neckline. This is especially important for figure skating dresses where the shoulders or neckline are made of mesh and will damage readily from a hanger.  If the ice skating dress or ice skating shirt can be safely hung for a short period of time, hanging will relax most wrinkles. If the ice skating dress is covered in a large volume of crystals, hanging the dress should never be done due to the weight causing damage. Ironing should be avoided due to the risk of scorching the fabrics. Scorching can remove the shine from spandex fibers and make them change color slightly. If the garment is undecorated, a cool iron can be used with caution.

Remember, take care of your ice skating dresses and ice skating shirts, and enjoy wearing them for a long time to come.

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