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    Revella Skatewear has been making beautiful, quality skatewear since 1998. Revella Skatewear knows that your skating dress or outfit is a huge confidence builder, and can dramatically improve an ice skater’s performance. You know you look your best and skate your best wearing Revella Skatewear. Let us help you make your dreams come true! Our friendly, creative service makes getting that special ice skating outfit an event you will always remember. We offer everything from affordable practice wear to championship competition ice skating dresses. This website is designed to flow easily and allow you to communicate completely your needs and ideas about your skatewear to us. You will find many wonderful features here that you will not find at other websites.
Revella Skatewear is known for quality ice skating dresses. We create innovative designs for ice skating at affordable prices. Each ice skating costume can be made in any available color. We understand that you want your ice skating dresses to be comfortable and beautiful at the same time. You and your skater work hard, let us make ice skating dresses the easiest and best part of your day. You deserve the best ice skating outfits available. Thank you for choosing Revella Skatewear.

We are celebrating our 25 Anniversary!

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