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Revella Skatewear
Custom Fit Form
Please provide measurements in inches.
Should you have any questions please contact us!
 If you are ordering a garment with crystals, you will be required to try on the garment before the crystals are applied. This means you will be paying for shipping to try the garment on and then return it to us so the crystals can be applied. Customers pay for all shipping charges to help us keep our prices low. Please allow additional time for Custom Fitting. Contact for current production times. Please review our Custom Fit Policy.

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Skater's Name*
Parent's/Buyer's Name*
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Skater's Age
Shoulder to Crotch (from center shoulder to crotch w/o going between legs)
Inseam (down to ankle)
Thigh (widest part)
Knee (circumference)
Calf (widest part)
Shoulder to Waist (front)
Shoulder to Waist (back)
Top of Boot (circumference)
Armpit to Armpit (front)(with arms down at sides, measure width of chest without going into armpit.)
Armpit to Armpit (back)(with arms down at sides, measure width of back without going into armpit.)
Arm Length (from the crest of the shoulder to the bend in the wrist)
Armpit (measure from inside of armpit up over shoulder and back into armpit making a circle.)
Upper Arm (circumference)
Elbow (circumference)
Lower Arm (circumference)
Wrist (circumference)
Armpit to Elbow (place measuring tape in armpit and run it down the inside of the arm to the elbow.)
Neck to Shoulder (Place measuring tape at side of neck, measuring out to edge of shoulder, where the shoulder seam would be.)
Leg elastic (measure around the top most portion of thigh at crotch)
Skater's Height
Skater's Girth
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